Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Much For Today's Motivation

Wow today is such a blah day. I don't know why, just can't stand the feeling. I woke up sore and exhausted and a little cranky. Didn't really feel like doing much, maybe I just needed some time to just relax. But that's what I do often, well when I nap.

I did however, finally get a hold of my family doctor and made my appointment to get on better medicines for this stupid anxiety/overwhelmed feeling that I can't stand and to hopefully have something done to get rid of my headaches that I notice are turning more toward migraines. (I REALLY REALLY hate that word) Enough is enough, I'm just tired of feeling like crap. My appointment is on this coming Monday and this time, I really need to keep up with it and stay in touch. This can't be good for me or anyone that feels the same.

On the plus side of today, although I didn't do diddly. I did manage to get a couple pictures of what I had been up to lately.

I worked on some Book Thongs.....funny word, lol.

I've been trying to think of ways to share my very much loved and missed brother Terry's bead stash on what I make and share with others. These I want to make plenty of.

I really feel he would love that I have made these and want to share them with others. He has always encouraged me to do different kinds of crafts and ways I could make money from them. But for right now, I just enjoy sharing. Money can be made at another time, if I feel up to it.

Also I has worked on some ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) Part of me doesn't want to give these up for a SwapBot Swap, but i guess that's a small sacrifice that's made, lol. And I just might have some more pictures to make more, lol.

I know the picture turned out a bit suckish, but at least I have a pic, lol. I'm not sure why, but there something about vampires that I just love, lol. And seeing a vampire that's a male...ummm ya, I'll just leave it at that. HAHAHA!

This one turned out pretty neat too. And yes the glue dried clear =) I'll probably send these off to their new homes (boohoo-boohoo-hoo)

Ok so it dawned on me that I did actually do something other than take pictures today......I made this after receiving 2 inchies made with foil.

I thought the inchies were so cool looking although now I need pictures of them. I tried it myself but ATC size. Not bad for a first try. I hope to find out more ways to use foil, lol.

Welp that's my status for today, hope you enjoyed the pictures and feel more motivation then me....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blast From My Craft Past (1)

I thought it would be a really nice idea to share some of what I have made in the past. Who knows, maybe you'll want to give it a try, just as much as seeing these made by others have made me want to, lol.

This is my first and only attempt at making a "Duct Tape Purse". "First" because, I just might feel so inclined to make another (ya right, lol) and "only" because it went so smoothly for me (which is not at all part of the norm for me), that I was just waiting for a major mistake to happen, lol.

I made this purse while sitting out on my front porch during the summer. Thankfully my kids and their friend keep themselves busy. If they hadn't, I doubt that I would have made it, lol. I had the whole thing pictured in my mind and just took deep breaths and I forced myself to patiently "take my time" while putting this together. As much as I hated it and for as much as I was hoping and praying that all my work would actually work out for me,lol. I toughed it out and had this beauty of a purse whipped up in 2 hours. THANK GOD!!!

For the bottom of the purse I enclosed a sheet of plastic canvas to make it more sturdy and have the closure made with magnets. Both the plastic canvas and magnets are covered.

The flowers I have to admit were VERY trick and annoying trying to cut them out just right. You know how it is to cut tape, it loves to stick, lol. But after many times of trying, I thought why not just fold a piece together, then cut the flowers out like that, lol. I would rather not have done it that way, but it worked well enough for me, lol. I honestly couldn't wait to get it completed.

I wanted to show people what I had made. At that time I was working 2 jobs. So job #1 said it was really cool and they said they really liked it and it was pretty, job#2 (which I am still at, grrrrr) gave me a look as if I'm messed up and kinda giggled. So I thought to myself "whatever" and "I'd like to see them try something like this", lol. Damn sure I'd giggle, lol. But of course for different reasons, lol.