Saturday, April 24, 2010

Been Thinking.....

"YES"...It's the weekend. The time of the week where ALOT of people cheer and rejoyce that another work week is complete. Unfortunately...for me and many others, we are the ones who don't have the luxury of enjoying the weekend festivites, lol. So we try to make the very best of the weekends we do have off. Right?! Right. lol.

So, sofar on my "weekend off" I've done...umm well basically nothing, lol. Is that suppose to happen? am I out of touch with the weekenders ways of enjoying the weekend? I have no idea, lol. But I do know, that I totally love being home when my whole family is home too. I always feel guilty having to work on the weekend where the kids have no school and the hubby naturally doesn't work. He's so lucky to have a job that doesn't run over the weekend.

I noticed that when I am home on the weekend how much more happy my son is. My youngest child who will be turning 12 tomorrow. My mama's boy, lol. Yes, I am one of those people that loves that they have a mama's boy. He is so very much like me. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes not. So I am doing my best to make the best of my weekend off with my family and nope it won't all be spent on here, lol.

I have a couple things I'd like to share with you...

This is my very first clay ATC! I really loved making it. It was for a swap on SB. Great swap idea and thankfully flickr had some really good ideas. I want to make more eventually too.

I have also made a surprise for a really good friend that I wish I had more time to talk to, just because. I noticed it was one of her wishes and I just felt like making someone happy.

Yes these are several magazine pages all folded up. I can't remember just how many I used, but I know there were alot more, lol. I had come across the craft idea long ago but have never tried it out. Once I noticed it was on my friends list, I just had to try it out. lol.

These are "recycled magazine page bowls". They are so super simple to make too. I have made a total of 5. I am going to send these out to their new home as soon as I finish a wall hanging, that way she'll hopefully be surprised even more, lol. Althought my wall hanging (for another swap) is going to end up looking worse since it's my first time lol. But she'll know it was made with love and isn't bathroom worthy at all, lol. For the other swap I am in, we have to make mini quilts. Why I suggested it, I have no idea and am kinda regretting it. I need more inspiration and for god sake practice. Lots of practice!

This is just one of 2 I have to make. They are similar in shapes but of different material. If that made sense. The final pictures still need taken, but I do hope you'll give a beginner to these alittle bit of slack lol. I think next time I'll try a smaller size. Bookmaker size or something. And although they aren't great, I do hope they enjoy them to hold onto them for a little while at least.

I have noticed that on some blogs people make little lists of their "to-do's" with crafts, life, prompts, or anything like like, well maybe their called "meme's". Any way I'd like to do the same here. Projects I'm working on and what I'd like to make. And check them off ass I get them accomplished. Something to that effect.

I'd like to say a special "THANK YOU♥" to the wonderful follower maybe or just a glipmser for the most sweet and thoughtful RAK. You had really made my day and gave me a huge smile♥ I would love to do RAK's alot more often or even "yarnboming" I'm still looking into ideas for those. I would love to accomplish those on a regular basis. :)

I'll be seeing my family dr soon. I have to make my follow up appointment next week. I have thankfully felt a good difference in my new medicine :) BUT I however don't like how it causes you to gain weigh and I don't like how tired I feel. Which seems to be more often than I'd like. The tiredness I can hopefully adjust to happen at a different time, the weight gain...nah that needs to go. lol. So hopefully the dr can come up with something even better.

Well this is it for now. I hope you enjoyed my part of the world and life, lol.
Have a great day!!!♥