Thursday, July 1, 2010

Something Sweet

I've "finally" got some crochet bug going on. I swear I must have been burn out for a while, but now I'm happily back into the groove if it. I've honestly misses it and I hope to make the best of its stay, lol.

There have been some charities that I've wanted to donate to. I even have a charity box starting to fill up. I hope to get them sent to their new home soon. That is if the finances will allow it :( But until then, I'll just keep on crocheting.

This is the first of I hope a few anyway crocheted cup cake purse. This isn't however the kind of purse they call a cradle purse. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it work out for me. But I may give it a try anyway.

I took 2 pictures in the hopes you would be able to see it good. Gotta love the scenery, lol. I really enjoyed making these. Their so darn cute. Who knows I may try one out, lmao. That may be a bit embarrassing though. Ha Ha!

Now here, I was going to follow a pattern to make some kitty toys called spiders, but I didn't have enough ink and I didn't really feel like writing out the pattern, so I made it up myself, lol. They look so funky, lol. But any cat has got to enjoy these. Right? Right!

Not too bad, I don't think for winging it on my own, lol. They were fun to make anyway and that's all that matters, right? lol.

I want to get some little ghans made for the animal shelters too. Along with some more toys and little cage pillows. Those animals deserve alot of love. If I could I'd adopt some now. I have a lot of yarn that I need to use up, so I hope to accomplish alot, while i have the crochet bug back :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. ~Author Unknown

Although summer isn't actually here (at least I don't think so) it's been pretty warm here. 80-90's is a bit warm for me. But the days have been really beautiful out. I kind of hope that the summer flies by only because I don't like being hot...I end up getting irritable and icky lol. It's just not right.

I read and completed a book about maybe a week ago. I was so shocked. I love reading but with work and everything, the mood isn't there completely. I end up starting a book and that's about it :( BUT there is still I'm hoping anyway a tiny bit of hope that I can start a book and be able to finish it too. It felt actually pretty good. Like I accomplished something important, well...maybe I did in a way.

The book I finished was "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks. Awesome, awesome book!! Part of me now wants to see the movie, but then I don't want to lose the visual I have for the story. I was so shocked on how well the book had me captivated and it too was an awesome feeling, lol. I am also looking online for some online reading. Oh I would love to print it all out, but that's a lot of ink. I don't want to be stuck at the computer more, but I want to find some good stories. I have books here as well, I just haven't taken enough time to go thru them. So if anyone has any ideas...please share them, lol. I have my bff awaiting the arrival of "Dear John" to get to her house, lol. I finally found someone to pass on my book. Sharing different books is what I'd like to do also. Sharing different stories out there. She, thankfully is so excited to get it :)I hope she enjoys the story as I did.

We lost 2 hamsters lately :( poor babies. My son way a bit heart broken. They both died with in a week of each other. I hated seeing them go. But that lived a great life and had a lot of fun. We have one more left and I hope she'll be around for a while. We'd like to get some more, but not just yet. It would be great if when we do get some, to have a female pregnant again, lol. 13 hamster playing and running around is quite a sight, lol.

My crafting has been slowed down :( I'm not real sure other than me finding games that caught my eye. But still that isn't a good enough reason. I'm not playing them as much as I had. Although they were fun, I'm getting a little bored with them. Which I kinda hate to admit, that's it's a good thing, it gets my off my butt more, lol. But it's kinda weird too. See the friends I once had talked to daily just about, seemed to just disappear. I hear from one person once in a while, but I haven't heard from the others. It's sad, I know I didn't do anything wrong, but it just has me wondering. They were my buddies, lol. Awesome people♥ I keep trying, I'll just have to keep on trying. They were a BIG part of my craft motivation. I miss that.

I can't show any pictures of what I've been working on lately. We have a new computer here and I'm not sure how to upload pictures :( I need my daughter to show me as soon as she gets home from her vacation with her bff.

Work has been keeping me busy and very tired anymore. We lost some people so the hours are to 40. Late long shifts and I and a few others have been doing the truck, which is a hell of a lot of lifting and hauling bum. It's tiring and I wake up the next morning real sore with some new bruises. But in a way, it's kind of nice doing something different. I'm not the only one who has to do it, but was hoping in a way that they would be hiring a new person for that. I'll get use to it in time though.

I have a garden this summer. YES! lol. I've wanted one since we moved to this town, but figured it would get eaten by rabbits or other animals, like it did where I use to live, lol. But back then I had tomatoes growing off our deck, whoohoo, lol. This time my garden is in a kids pool. And I'm participating in a program thru my sisters church. I was so surprised I was invited. So far I have lettuce ready to eat. But I planted bush beans, vine beans, beets, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, squash of 2 different kinds and I think that's it. I'll definitely get pictures of that. It's so neat and I hope to do the same at my own home. Good thing my garden is with in walking distance :) I'm all excited to have fresh veggies lol.

Well it's late, so TTFN!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Been Thinking.....

"YES"...It's the weekend. The time of the week where ALOT of people cheer and rejoyce that another work week is complete. Unfortunately...for me and many others, we are the ones who don't have the luxury of enjoying the weekend festivites, lol. So we try to make the very best of the weekends we do have off. Right?! Right. lol.

So, sofar on my "weekend off" I've done...umm well basically nothing, lol. Is that suppose to happen? am I out of touch with the weekenders ways of enjoying the weekend? I have no idea, lol. But I do know, that I totally love being home when my whole family is home too. I always feel guilty having to work on the weekend where the kids have no school and the hubby naturally doesn't work. He's so lucky to have a job that doesn't run over the weekend.

I noticed that when I am home on the weekend how much more happy my son is. My youngest child who will be turning 12 tomorrow. My mama's boy, lol. Yes, I am one of those people that loves that they have a mama's boy. He is so very much like me. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes not. So I am doing my best to make the best of my weekend off with my family and nope it won't all be spent on here, lol.

I have a couple things I'd like to share with you...

This is my very first clay ATC! I really loved making it. It was for a swap on SB. Great swap idea and thankfully flickr had some really good ideas. I want to make more eventually too.

I have also made a surprise for a really good friend that I wish I had more time to talk to, just because. I noticed it was one of her wishes and I just felt like making someone happy.

Yes these are several magazine pages all folded up. I can't remember just how many I used, but I know there were alot more, lol. I had come across the craft idea long ago but have never tried it out. Once I noticed it was on my friends list, I just had to try it out. lol.

These are "recycled magazine page bowls". They are so super simple to make too. I have made a total of 5. I am going to send these out to their new home as soon as I finish a wall hanging, that way she'll hopefully be surprised even more, lol. Althought my wall hanging (for another swap) is going to end up looking worse since it's my first time lol. But she'll know it was made with love and isn't bathroom worthy at all, lol. For the other swap I am in, we have to make mini quilts. Why I suggested it, I have no idea and am kinda regretting it. I need more inspiration and for god sake practice. Lots of practice!

This is just one of 2 I have to make. They are similar in shapes but of different material. If that made sense. The final pictures still need taken, but I do hope you'll give a beginner to these alittle bit of slack lol. I think next time I'll try a smaller size. Bookmaker size or something. And although they aren't great, I do hope they enjoy them to hold onto them for a little while at least.

I have noticed that on some blogs people make little lists of their "to-do's" with crafts, life, prompts, or anything like like, well maybe their called "meme's". Any way I'd like to do the same here. Projects I'm working on and what I'd like to make. And check them off ass I get them accomplished. Something to that effect.

I'd like to say a special "THANK YOU♥" to the wonderful follower maybe or just a glipmser for the most sweet and thoughtful RAK. You had really made my day and gave me a huge smile♥ I would love to do RAK's alot more often or even "yarnboming" I'm still looking into ideas for those. I would love to accomplish those on a regular basis. :)

I'll be seeing my family dr soon. I have to make my follow up appointment next week. I have thankfully felt a good difference in my new medicine :) BUT I however don't like how it causes you to gain weigh and I don't like how tired I feel. Which seems to be more often than I'd like. The tiredness I can hopefully adjust to happen at a different time, the weight gain...nah that needs to go. lol. So hopefully the dr can come up with something even better.

Well this is it for now. I hope you enjoyed my part of the world and life, lol.
Have a great day!!!♥

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Writing in this blog has been on my mind for a few days now. But I've been a bit busy and alright lazy too. I keep trying to think of different things to write about and I've noticed I better write them down before I end up forgetting them, lol.

I want to thank everyone so much for your very kind words. It means alot to me♥ To know that I'm not alone and to know that someone out there is reading what I write. =)

There have been a couple things on my mind lately, my daughter...I've been so proud of her lately, for how strong of a person she is becoming at the age of 15. She's my only little girl and she really knows how to speak her mind. Not so much twards me, lol, she knows her limitations when it comes to that, lol. But sadly .....kinda....her boyfriend had broken up with her. The following day she said "I'm completely over him", lol. I thought to myself..."WOW" that was quick. See in the past she and john had been fighting and arguing over stupid things. Even my daughter admitted to that. He would be oh so concerned of who she's talking to and spending too much time talking to her best friend ever when she has known her alot longer than him. But he was free to text and talk about all these girls right in front of her. All those stupid fights got her prepared for the break up. As a mom, I'm glad she wasn't too effected by all that. I could tell and he made if very obvious that he definitely needs to "grow up" and he's only 16. Sad I know, to shoot them down before they get a chance, but I can't help that. It really bothers me anymore to see how people are today. And I know it isn't everyone. Alot of it is probably just me and my own tolerances lol. I suppose I'm a little bit picky, lol. Anyway, she's all healed up and of course he's feeling a bit guilty and all and she's done nothing but shoot him down. And I of course am going to make sure she keeps thinking like that, because if she decides to make a stupid mistake, then I'm just going to have to put my foot down, lol. And he was worried that me and my hubby hated him after all that...........ummmm we'll let it be a surprise lol.

Also, what has been on my mind is trying to become friends again with a girl I was once friends with down the road from me. We had our fighting moments over stupid things and I've been thinking of messaging her for a while now and I finally did last night, just waiting to see if she'll reply. I figure she won't. Returning emails isn't her thing. But I noticed a blog she has doesn't sound like she's too happy with her marriage or life. Maybe I can help her or just be there to listen. I'm not sure if I'll be giving her a call or not. We work opposite times of the day and her family doesn't seem to let others know that someone has called. I had problems in the past with her. It was mainly me on this account. I couldn't for the life of me "relax" when I talked to her in person. I totally hated the way I felt. I think it was because I felt she had to have everything from her looks to the way her house was "totally perfect" and I kept feeling you know....imperfect (if that's the right word) waaaay below her standards. I felt like i couldn't fit in her world. But she was a very nice person. And I remember feeling so small when she would question me like "do you let you kids just help themselves when they want a snack?" something like that. Well I thought of what she said more clearly after I got done talking to her, wondering, did she just say my kids are fat? you know compared to her own? but I of couse as the kind of person I am, didn't even think to make an issue of it and just let it go. (and I'm not making one now, lol.) All of this may sound as though I still don't like her, but that isn't it. Knowing that our problems in the past are over with, I would just like to have a friend once again with someone in my own town. Granted I CANNOT stand my town, lol. Alot of retired people live on my end of the block and some are known as the town "local" drunks, for better words. I have great friends here on-line and would love to have a great friend near by. I miss that. I know I'm not a bad person and I feel I can hopefully keep those feelings hidden if the girl I messaged replies. I'm not perfect and neither is she and there is nothing wrong with that. Right? right, lol. I hope she replies though♥

I've been pretty busy with my swaps recently. God if I didn't have my swaps I don't know what I'd do, lol. Wait my house could finally be alot cleaner,...........could be, lol. That would be sooo awesome! I had some motivation issues with a couple swaps, but they are finally taken care of and out the door. Thank god!!! I hate when that happens and thankfully I'm not alone. Everything becomes overwhelming and you just want to relax or do what you feel you need to do to feel good again. Not stressed or anything. As a way to apologize for my delay on a private swap, I have come up with a cool idea to surprise her. Well I hope to surprise her anyway. She's a wonderful person that I wish lived next door. She had stated a wish she would like to have someday and thankfully I came across it. I hope she didn't already get it, lol, but if she did, she'll be very well supplied. I have pictures but not on my computer, but I'll definitely be sharing them with you. Their soo cool and a way to recycle. And honestly i think I came across them before a long time ago. I had originally just out of the blue asked her to pick a number from 1-10 and she chose 9. Well in the beginning I though ok cool. Well once I got these suckers made up clear to 5, I was thinking what if I send her too many? What if she doesn't want 9? So what I'll be doing is sending them out all 5 and will be giving her a note to see if she'd like more. I would gladly make up more. i plan to make some for myself and sister, lol. I bet you're thinking what the heck is she talking about? lol. Well you'll see soon enough, lol. It's nothing spectacular but it was made by me and I enjoyed every minute of it and that's all that matters, right? lol. I hope to have it in the mail by Wednesday. I can't wait to see what she thinks lol.

Well I'll close for now. I'm starting to get tired ...stupid medicine. So I'll re-promise to have pictures next time, lol. This way I can think ahead of how I want to post them lol.

love and hugs♥

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I know this is to be my little part of the world of crafting, but sometime iguess you just need to let it out and vent a little bit. This week has just been terrible for me. I have atc's and inchies to work on along with some zen's, but I feel like I've run out of inspiration. I've looked at the wonderful pictures on Flickr and thought of some ideas, but when it came down to making them I'd just go blank.
My anxiety/depression has been taking it's toll on me this week, with work, with my house needing cleaned (mind you it's not a terrible wreck, I just can't seem to care as much as I should or have had in the past) With work...I just feel like I don't belong and it's been a battle for me for quite a while. To just feel accepted is hard for me to accomplish. They are nice people, but they have been together for longer than I have been with the company. And I always feel like I'm intruding or something that would be bad for them. So I have to try to clear my head of all that and try to focus on myself and how I can make myself relax alot more and refresh how I am a good person. Sad...isn't it? Just seems to never end with me. I may not be perfect, I may not know everything or give off the impression like that, but I am who I am....I am me. And there is nothing wrong with that. So why do I feel like I'm the fucked up one. The one who just doesn't cut it in life or with work or as a parent? I am not perfect and I'm not afraid to say so and I don't pretend to be perfect. I have a good sense of humor and I can laugh threw the tough and ultimate shitty times in life and I don't make others feel hesitant when they are near me. So why am I the one who feels crappy. All in all it just sucks.
Enough of that. I will get off my butt with my crafts and will get out of my little lull of not knowing what the heck to make and I will once again feel like the good person that I am. And continue to treat others with respect as I always have. Also, I will have pictures next time, I promise. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

So here I am ...finally, huh? Sorry it took me a while to get to this. Been pretty busy here and not with just crafty stuff. Sometimes life just gets in the way and I really hate that, lol.

So let's see what I've been up to (some of it anyway, lol).
I went on a search for wallpaper sample books. Tried online and didn't have any luck so I tried our local Sherwin Williams paint store and was lucky to get 3 catalogs. I was so thrilled. =) I was kinda hoping for more since I had also stopped at Joann's and was told they didn't have anything like that for material, which i thought was kind of weird, but who knows someone else could have gotten to them sooner. But I know now where to go to. =)

I hope to get a hold of an end table to collage and decorate. I think it would be a lot of fun, plus I've never done it. I have a tall dresser that I may collage, but I'm still undecided.

I have also made this altered spoon. It's not the best, lol, but I'm getting a little better, lol. I have it hung on my purse and sofar a couple people have commented on it and i thought on person was going to ask if I would make her one, but I'm a little happy I wasn't asked, you know just in case I don't please her, lol.

I've been working on a lot of ATC's lately and I am so tired of not having a printer to use. We have 2 here one ran out of both kinds of ink and the other is out of black. =( And I feel like I'm not doing as good with my ATC's. What I'm going to do and Iguess I should have done before is try and see what I can print out and anything that is black and white, try to change that color. I've have received alot of ATC's that have been printed out (I think they have been anyway) and if they can do it, why can't I. Although I like putting more work into them also when I can. But I can always color the pictures and fancy them up some right? I had received a note of one of my ATC's being a clipping out of a magazine. Is that so wrong? Am I the only one who makes them like that? And how is that any different from using scrap book papers? I have to admit that, that had me a little bothered. I mean, just because they aren't 100% hand drawn or what have you, it doesn't make it a bad ATC, maybe something you yourself may not have made, but for others it's just the way they do it at time. I'm not going to fret over it, I'm just going to be the way I've always been about anything I receive, "relaxed." And enjoy what I do. Right? Right!

Now a little something I think I'm going to try for myself, to help me out emotionally and with my anxiety being an annoyance for me...a way to hopefully make me feel a little better about life and all, I'm going to start myself a journal. Nothing fancy or anything unless I end up going in that direction in time, but I'm going to start writing down what makes me happy everyday. Whether it has to do with my family or not. What I'm hoping is that I will relieve some of the anxiety I feel and the mixed emotions. It's been very hard without my brother in my life, but I need to try to find a way that will boost my spirits some. My crafts help, but I think I need something more. Something has got to work.

Well, until next time......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Much For Today's Motivation

Wow today is such a blah day. I don't know why, just can't stand the feeling. I woke up sore and exhausted and a little cranky. Didn't really feel like doing much, maybe I just needed some time to just relax. But that's what I do often, well when I nap.

I did however, finally get a hold of my family doctor and made my appointment to get on better medicines for this stupid anxiety/overwhelmed feeling that I can't stand and to hopefully have something done to get rid of my headaches that I notice are turning more toward migraines. (I REALLY REALLY hate that word) Enough is enough, I'm just tired of feeling like crap. My appointment is on this coming Monday and this time, I really need to keep up with it and stay in touch. This can't be good for me or anyone that feels the same.

On the plus side of today, although I didn't do diddly. I did manage to get a couple pictures of what I had been up to lately.

I worked on some Book Thongs.....funny word, lol.

I've been trying to think of ways to share my very much loved and missed brother Terry's bead stash on what I make and share with others. These I want to make plenty of.

I really feel he would love that I have made these and want to share them with others. He has always encouraged me to do different kinds of crafts and ways I could make money from them. But for right now, I just enjoy sharing. Money can be made at another time, if I feel up to it.

Also I has worked on some ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) Part of me doesn't want to give these up for a SwapBot Swap, but i guess that's a small sacrifice that's made, lol. And I just might have some more pictures to make more, lol.

I know the picture turned out a bit suckish, but at least I have a pic, lol. I'm not sure why, but there something about vampires that I just love, lol. And seeing a vampire that's a male...ummm ya, I'll just leave it at that. HAHAHA!

This one turned out pretty neat too. And yes the glue dried clear =) I'll probably send these off to their new homes (boohoo-boohoo-hoo)

Ok so it dawned on me that I did actually do something other than take pictures today......I made this after receiving 2 inchies made with foil.

I thought the inchies were so cool looking although now I need pictures of them. I tried it myself but ATC size. Not bad for a first try. I hope to find out more ways to use foil, lol.

Welp that's my status for today, hope you enjoyed the pictures and feel more motivation then me....