Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Beginning

Hi. My name is Patti, thank you for stopping by. I finally decided to get another blog going, it's been a while for me so bare with me and my posts. lol. I have to give alot of the credit though to a great, sweet and wonderfully funny caring friend I have met thru SwapBot. You can visit her at She made my blog look so pretty too, lol.

I hope to share with you the different things I enjoy making from crocheting to wire work. I'll be also sharing some of my past projects. Feel free to ask how it's made, I love sharing what I know with others.

Also at some time I'd like to try and have a little sale here. Don't worry I'm cheap lol, or maybe set up a game where there will be a prize for the winner, with a picture included. =)

Well Until next time, I hope you stick around even for a tiny bit and I hope you enjoy your visit and that I learn more about blogging better, lol.

1 comment:

  1. Well, actually, I just added all the pretty designs that someone else created to your blog, but I was happy to help. I love you to bits!