Saturday, April 3, 2010

Writing in this blog has been on my mind for a few days now. But I've been a bit busy and alright lazy too. I keep trying to think of different things to write about and I've noticed I better write them down before I end up forgetting them, lol.

I want to thank everyone so much for your very kind words. It means alot to me♥ To know that I'm not alone and to know that someone out there is reading what I write. =)

There have been a couple things on my mind lately, my daughter...I've been so proud of her lately, for how strong of a person she is becoming at the age of 15. She's my only little girl and she really knows how to speak her mind. Not so much twards me, lol, she knows her limitations when it comes to that, lol. But sadly .....kinda....her boyfriend had broken up with her. The following day she said "I'm completely over him", lol. I thought to myself..."WOW" that was quick. See in the past she and john had been fighting and arguing over stupid things. Even my daughter admitted to that. He would be oh so concerned of who she's talking to and spending too much time talking to her best friend ever when she has known her alot longer than him. But he was free to text and talk about all these girls right in front of her. All those stupid fights got her prepared for the break up. As a mom, I'm glad she wasn't too effected by all that. I could tell and he made if very obvious that he definitely needs to "grow up" and he's only 16. Sad I know, to shoot them down before they get a chance, but I can't help that. It really bothers me anymore to see how people are today. And I know it isn't everyone. Alot of it is probably just me and my own tolerances lol. I suppose I'm a little bit picky, lol. Anyway, she's all healed up and of course he's feeling a bit guilty and all and she's done nothing but shoot him down. And I of course am going to make sure she keeps thinking like that, because if she decides to make a stupid mistake, then I'm just going to have to put my foot down, lol. And he was worried that me and my hubby hated him after all that...........ummmm we'll let it be a surprise lol.

Also, what has been on my mind is trying to become friends again with a girl I was once friends with down the road from me. We had our fighting moments over stupid things and I've been thinking of messaging her for a while now and I finally did last night, just waiting to see if she'll reply. I figure she won't. Returning emails isn't her thing. But I noticed a blog she has doesn't sound like she's too happy with her marriage or life. Maybe I can help her or just be there to listen. I'm not sure if I'll be giving her a call or not. We work opposite times of the day and her family doesn't seem to let others know that someone has called. I had problems in the past with her. It was mainly me on this account. I couldn't for the life of me "relax" when I talked to her in person. I totally hated the way I felt. I think it was because I felt she had to have everything from her looks to the way her house was "totally perfect" and I kept feeling you know....imperfect (if that's the right word) waaaay below her standards. I felt like i couldn't fit in her world. But she was a very nice person. And I remember feeling so small when she would question me like "do you let you kids just help themselves when they want a snack?" something like that. Well I thought of what she said more clearly after I got done talking to her, wondering, did she just say my kids are fat? you know compared to her own? but I of couse as the kind of person I am, didn't even think to make an issue of it and just let it go. (and I'm not making one now, lol.) All of this may sound as though I still don't like her, but that isn't it. Knowing that our problems in the past are over with, I would just like to have a friend once again with someone in my own town. Granted I CANNOT stand my town, lol. Alot of retired people live on my end of the block and some are known as the town "local" drunks, for better words. I have great friends here on-line and would love to have a great friend near by. I miss that. I know I'm not a bad person and I feel I can hopefully keep those feelings hidden if the girl I messaged replies. I'm not perfect and neither is she and there is nothing wrong with that. Right? right, lol. I hope she replies though♥

I've been pretty busy with my swaps recently. God if I didn't have my swaps I don't know what I'd do, lol. Wait my house could finally be alot cleaner,...........could be, lol. That would be sooo awesome! I had some motivation issues with a couple swaps, but they are finally taken care of and out the door. Thank god!!! I hate when that happens and thankfully I'm not alone. Everything becomes overwhelming and you just want to relax or do what you feel you need to do to feel good again. Not stressed or anything. As a way to apologize for my delay on a private swap, I have come up with a cool idea to surprise her. Well I hope to surprise her anyway. She's a wonderful person that I wish lived next door. She had stated a wish she would like to have someday and thankfully I came across it. I hope she didn't already get it, lol, but if she did, she'll be very well supplied. I have pictures but not on my computer, but I'll definitely be sharing them with you. Their soo cool and a way to recycle. And honestly i think I came across them before a long time ago. I had originally just out of the blue asked her to pick a number from 1-10 and she chose 9. Well in the beginning I though ok cool. Well once I got these suckers made up clear to 5, I was thinking what if I send her too many? What if she doesn't want 9? So what I'll be doing is sending them out all 5 and will be giving her a note to see if she'd like more. I would gladly make up more. i plan to make some for myself and sister, lol. I bet you're thinking what the heck is she talking about? lol. Well you'll see soon enough, lol. It's nothing spectacular but it was made by me and I enjoyed every minute of it and that's all that matters, right? lol. I hope to have it in the mail by Wednesday. I can't wait to see what she thinks lol.

Well I'll close for now. I'm starting to get tired ...stupid medicine. So I'll re-promise to have pictures next time, lol. This way I can think ahead of how I want to post them lol.

love and hugs♥

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