Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. ~Author Unknown

Although summer isn't actually here (at least I don't think so) it's been pretty warm here. 80-90's is a bit warm for me. But the days have been really beautiful out. I kind of hope that the summer flies by only because I don't like being hot...I end up getting irritable and icky lol. It's just not right.

I read and completed a book about maybe a week ago. I was so shocked. I love reading but with work and everything, the mood isn't there completely. I end up starting a book and that's about it :( BUT there is still I'm hoping anyway a tiny bit of hope that I can start a book and be able to finish it too. It felt actually pretty good. Like I accomplished something important, well...maybe I did in a way.

The book I finished was "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks. Awesome, awesome book!! Part of me now wants to see the movie, but then I don't want to lose the visual I have for the story. I was so shocked on how well the book had me captivated and it too was an awesome feeling, lol. I am also looking online for some online reading. Oh I would love to print it all out, but that's a lot of ink. I don't want to be stuck at the computer more, but I want to find some good stories. I have books here as well, I just haven't taken enough time to go thru them. So if anyone has any ideas...please share them, lol. I have my bff awaiting the arrival of "Dear John" to get to her house, lol. I finally found someone to pass on my book. Sharing different books is what I'd like to do also. Sharing different stories out there. She, thankfully is so excited to get it :)I hope she enjoys the story as I did.

We lost 2 hamsters lately :( poor babies. My son way a bit heart broken. They both died with in a week of each other. I hated seeing them go. But that lived a great life and had a lot of fun. We have one more left and I hope she'll be around for a while. We'd like to get some more, but not just yet. It would be great if when we do get some, to have a female pregnant again, lol. 13 hamster playing and running around is quite a sight, lol.

My crafting has been slowed down :( I'm not real sure other than me finding games that caught my eye. But still that isn't a good enough reason. I'm not playing them as much as I had. Although they were fun, I'm getting a little bored with them. Which I kinda hate to admit, that's it's a good thing, it gets my off my butt more, lol. But it's kinda weird too. See the friends I once had talked to daily just about, seemed to just disappear. I hear from one person once in a while, but I haven't heard from the others. It's sad, I know I didn't do anything wrong, but it just has me wondering. They were my buddies, lol. Awesome people♥ I keep trying, I'll just have to keep on trying. They were a BIG part of my craft motivation. I miss that.

I can't show any pictures of what I've been working on lately. We have a new computer here and I'm not sure how to upload pictures :( I need my daughter to show me as soon as she gets home from her vacation with her bff.

Work has been keeping me busy and very tired anymore. We lost some people so the hours are to 40. Late long shifts and I and a few others have been doing the truck, which is a hell of a lot of lifting and hauling bum. It's tiring and I wake up the next morning real sore with some new bruises. But in a way, it's kind of nice doing something different. I'm not the only one who has to do it, but was hoping in a way that they would be hiring a new person for that. I'll get use to it in time though.

I have a garden this summer. YES! lol. I've wanted one since we moved to this town, but figured it would get eaten by rabbits or other animals, like it did where I use to live, lol. But back then I had tomatoes growing off our deck, whoohoo, lol. This time my garden is in a kids pool. And I'm participating in a program thru my sisters church. I was so surprised I was invited. So far I have lettuce ready to eat. But I planted bush beans, vine beans, beets, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, squash of 2 different kinds and I think that's it. I'll definitely get pictures of that. It's so neat and I hope to do the same at my own home. Good thing my garden is with in walking distance :) I'm all excited to have fresh veggies lol.

Well it's late, so TTFN!

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