Thursday, July 1, 2010

Something Sweet

I've "finally" got some crochet bug going on. I swear I must have been burn out for a while, but now I'm happily back into the groove if it. I've honestly misses it and I hope to make the best of its stay, lol.

There have been some charities that I've wanted to donate to. I even have a charity box starting to fill up. I hope to get them sent to their new home soon. That is if the finances will allow it :( But until then, I'll just keep on crocheting.

This is the first of I hope a few anyway crocheted cup cake purse. This isn't however the kind of purse they call a cradle purse. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it work out for me. But I may give it a try anyway.

I took 2 pictures in the hopes you would be able to see it good. Gotta love the scenery, lol. I really enjoyed making these. Their so darn cute. Who knows I may try one out, lmao. That may be a bit embarrassing though. Ha Ha!

Now here, I was going to follow a pattern to make some kitty toys called spiders, but I didn't have enough ink and I didn't really feel like writing out the pattern, so I made it up myself, lol. They look so funky, lol. But any cat has got to enjoy these. Right? Right!

Not too bad, I don't think for winging it on my own, lol. They were fun to make anyway and that's all that matters, right? lol.

I want to get some little ghans made for the animal shelters too. Along with some more toys and little cage pillows. Those animals deserve alot of love. If I could I'd adopt some now. I have a lot of yarn that I need to use up, so I hope to accomplish alot, while i have the crochet bug back :)


  1. Absolutley adorable! I think my puppy would be entertained by these.

  2. That cradle purse looks great I would love to try something that was crocheted with beads like pretty. And your cat toys are wicked really funky I bet the cats have fun with them! I love your blog background BTW so unusual!